Did you know that ‘Eternity Rings are becoming more and more popular, and for a very interesting reason.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings’ say more than an ordinary ring, an Eternity  or Anniversary ring symbolizes eternity and everlasting love.

An ‘Eternity Ring‘ tells your loved one that you will love them forever, as in for an eternity.

When diamonds go all the way around the ring, it symbolizes that your love is like a continuous circle that never ends.

‘Eternity rings‘ can be given for many different reasons, for instance; the birth of a child or to mark a special time in a relationship like an anniversary.

They can be stacked together or used as wedding bands as they fit together with most types of engagement rings.

There is a timeless sparkle and beauty within an ‘ Eternity ring ’ that nothing else can compare with.

Eternity or Anniversary rings come in all sorts of different stones, pink ones, blue ones, red and green. But the most popular are the timeless elegance of pure diamonds.

Both women and men can give and receive ‘Eternity or Anniversary Rings’

The two main designs of ‘Eternity rings’ are – Full Eternity rings and Half Eternity rings.

Basically the Full ones have precious stones, usually diamonds, going all the way around the ring.

Below is an example of a ‘full eternity ring’

Full Eternity Ring

Below is an example of a ‘half eternity ring’

Half Eternity Ring

The half design has the diamonds only going half way around the ring.

Some people prefer the half ‘Eternity rings’ as they think they are more comfortable.

Then there are others that want the full amount of sparkle and the symbolism of ‘eternity’

It all depends on your own particular preference and sometimes pocket. Obviously the more diamonds, the more cost, though this shouldn’t deter you from getting the best you can afford.

An ‘Eternity ring’ is a symbol of undying love; you can’t put a price on that.

If you look at the hands of many celebrities you will see that extra sparkle of an ‘Eternity Ring’, sometimes two, on their fingers. For example, here are pictures of some celebrities and their rings.

Eva Longoria

Eternity Ring

Kate Beckinsale

Eternity Ring

Mariah Carey

Eternity Rings

Men’s Wedding and Eternity Rings

There are more choices for men’s wedding rings than ever before. Many men choose a simple gold band because they are not aware of the options that are available to them now. Choosing the right style is as important as it is for a women’s wedding ring. It is something you will wear every day, and should reflect your personality. Beyond choosing between the standard metals of yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, there are also titanium, CobaltchromeTM, and even ceramic rings. Bands can have mixed metals, decorative grooving, and embedded diamonds. Width is important with men’s rings, too. A man with very large hands will need a much wider band than a man with smaller hands. With all of the new styles, there is nothing boring about men’s wedding bands anymore.The cut and symmetry are also important. This refers to the width of the diamond in relation to the depth and the percentage of surface the table (the flat facet on the top of the stone) has in relation to this. If these relationships are not optimal the fire and brilliance of the diamond are affected which in turn influences the diamond’s final grading. Your diamond holds a lifetime of dreams. So of course you’ll want it to always radiate as brilliantly as the first day you slip it on. Fortunately, the task of caring for your diamond is quite simple. We would like to share some information on taking care of your jewellery and protection against damage.

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Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry

Depending on the setting you choose, you can soak your diamond engagement and/or wedding rings for up to 30 minutes in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. This is best suited to prong and cathedral settings. In pave and basket settings, however, soaking the rings can increase the likelihood of the gems coming loose. Be mindful of this when you decide to soak any jewelry piece use mild dish soap in warm water and soak your jewelry for a few minutes. Using a soft cloth or cotton swab, gently scrub the metal (gold, platinum, silver) and then rinse. Repeat the process if necessary, but always proceed with caution when it comes to soaking jewelry.

For extra shine, you can soak diamonds in window cleaner afterwards. Because glass cleaner contains some harsh chemicals, do not soak for more than a minute at a time, and do not use this process at all with rhodium. To ensure that all of the glass cleaner is rinsed off, use the same mild dish soap solution. Dip your ring into the solution, rinse it with warm water, and then dry it completely.

You can use toothpicks to remove dirt that is lodged in between the prongs and the diamonds, but be extra careful not to scratch the metal or move the positioning of a prong. If fibers from cloth get stuck in the setting, gently use tweezers to remove them. Again, be careful of the metal. Even though diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds, the precious metals into which they are set can be scratched more easily.

Ionic cleaners can be used on most diamond jewelry. If your engagement ring is set with gemstones other than diamonds, consider other cleaning methods, as some gemstones are adversely affected by the electrical current in the ionic cleaning process.

When storing your diamond jewelry, be sure to keep it separate from other jewelry. Remember that diamonds can not only scratch any other jewelry you have, but can scratch each other as well. Make sure that two diamond pieces are not being stored in such a way that they touch each other.

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